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Boutique Administration of
Deceased Estates Firm


Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate about and dedicated to our clients and industry partners.

Greeff Trust Services occupies a very personalized space in the legal and accounting sphere, dealing specifically with wills, trusts and the administration of deceased estates.

We have graduates in key roles throughout our firm and allocated administration staff offering a full and complete specialist service in the field of deceased estate administration.

We are registered professionals at The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants with Membership Number 05019021 and The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa with Membership Number F1375.

services for deceased estates

We have established a durable and effective network of service providers attending to all matters relating to the administration process, during our 15 years of experience.

  • Fast Track Service at the Master of the High Court JHB and PTA.
  • Reliable network of contact persons at all the divisions at the Master of the High Court – Department of Justice, throughout South Africa.
  • TPFA business online banking portal with Standard Bank.
  • Obtaining of documents required for the administration process such as divorce order and settlements, marriage certificates ext.
  • SARS requirements and processes.
  • Requirements, responsibilities in respect of the safe keeping, storage and / or disposal of firearms
  • Obtaining Windeed reports to ensure sufficient administration of fixed assets and bond cancellations.
  • Obtaining E-Natis reports to ensure sufficient administration of motor vehicles and outstanding accounts.
  • Obtaining Astutes to ensure the effective administration of life-, living- and retirement policies and annuities at the registered Financial Institutions.

Our commitment

We strongly believe in old school values that stand for discipline, respect for authority, goodness and common decency. This discipline has ensured a long heritage of keeping client relationships at the hearts of everything we do.

We have strict administrative protocols and procedures in place and all milestones in the administration process are strictly examined by management to ensure full compliance with the administration of estates act and other legislative authority as it is amended from time to time. We cover all aspects of estate planning and the drafting of wills, registration and administration of trusts and financial management (working with trusted partners).

It is a privilege to attend to the legal procedures and practical matters relating to our field of expertise, allowing our clients to navigate their legacy.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our team is readily available to consult with clients at our office or at a mutually convenient location. 

You Deserve the best service

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